Everybody Writes – Out Takes and Thoughts 1

writing fountain pen image

Quoted directly from Everybody Writes by Ann Handley’s book.  Available on Amazon

“You’d think that great writers would have special inspiration or contrived stimuli to boost their output—not unlike poet, humorist, and educations Taylor Mali hilariously suggested in his deadpan response to a question about his favorite place to write:

I’d love to say I have a handmade Japanese paper and a 200-year-old fountain pen …  and every morning, after making love, for the third time….I go running, for about five miles … if I am felling lazy.

[At] the top of our house, there’s an old cupola, and I watch the sunrise up there, in the nude, and I write my poems longhand.  I am right-handed but I force myself to use my left hand, because I find it makes me more creative.  And I write, in Latin, because it forces the brain to work in a new way–backwards, like Hebrew …

But really, Mali adds,

I just sit in front of my computer.

The outtake from this quick page 17 of Everybody Writes, is that writing isn’t some mystical and magical art.  It is for some, just sitting in front of the computer and typing and getting our thoughts down on paper (in the computer).    We all write everyday, on facebook, emails, twitter and more.  Good writing is a habit more than an art and something that all of us do.