Good writing doesn’t come to most of us naturally, but can easily be obtained using the right tools, habit, and a writing GPS.  In Anne’s Everybody Writes, she follows page by page and continues to trump the idea that writing should be a habit.  I for one am taking that advice and writing more now then ever.  In the section 3 of the writing with a GPS she mentions that the use of sources, relevant anecdotes, and timely developments or new stories is a very good approach to writing.  There are other approaches and strategies and she explains them more in depth later in the book.

Using your self or personal experience as a source is something that should not be discounted.  Obviously your experience must be something that relates to your topic and tells the reader you are credible.  I particularly like this part, as it immediately hooks the reader to you and promotes engagement in the subject.  I recently had a columnist from Elance News submit a first draft article the current state of healthcare.  The draft hooked me immediately because the example he used was a personal one.  It was so engaging that I end up writing a couple paragraphs back to him, and then had to turn my thoughts back to being an editor.  The article will come out soon enough and I for one and anxious to read the final draft.

For now, and until the next post, keep writing and pay attention to the times in your daily life where you could write and do so.  I will be.