Linux Mint Update

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I wanted to provide all of you with an update on my venture into the world of Linux desktop, in particular Linux Mint.  In short, nothing but 5 stars here.  As you have seen in my other posts I have upgraded from LM 17 to 18 and now to LM 19.  Though, the linux mint 19 was a complete and new install I don’t have any reason to believe that the upgrade from 18 to 19 would have been any different.  The support from the community is fabulous when an issue does arise, but in my case I have had none.  Sure, there was one or two things that I researched or had to figure out.  None of those however, required any coding, changing install scripts, or anything that I normal PC administrator would do in a Linux or Windows environment.

I run an older HP Z800 workstation with a E5606 @ 2.13 GHz x 4 processor, NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 video card, 12 Gigs Ram, and a 1 TB SSD.  Previously under windows, I had many issues that I couldn’t quite seem to get solved permanently.  I had every thing from difficulties with the computer waking up, to out right freezes, finding a few drivers, etc.  Let’s not leave out the slow and sluggish performance typical with windows and older hardware.   All of that seems to have been solved once I completely moved over to Linux Mint.

Under LM I have so many option for free and extremely capable software that I am amazed.  I have for many years used linux server and have once in a while installed the desktop.  However, I hadn’t previously stuck with the desktop for one reason or another.  For example, I was frustrated in the past by most of the software having an older feel and somewhat sludgy functionality.  Most of this has been drastically improved and many of the vital apps have grown up.

Of the apps that have seen drastic improvements, I give a shout out to LibreOffice. I am running the version 6.1.3 and love every bit of it.  LibreOffice Writer is full on par with MS Word and Calc (spreadsheets) will more than meet your requirements, even advanced uses.  I also love the Draw program.  I needed a substitute for MS Visio and LO Draw worked extremely well at creating a diagram of a proposed network for a client.

For an email client I did quite a bit of research and landed on Evolution.   The capabilities are endless and options plentiful.  Any administrator should be able to install and configure the different option quite easily for both personal and enterprise level uses.  You might get push back from your end users due to their having experience with MS Outlook, but that is easily overcome with a minor bit of attention.

One other factor that might be of great value to some is the money spent or not spent in my case.  I have significantly improved my office software, email client, improved performance and reliability at zero cost.  Time I spent would have been spent t installing and configuring any MS Windows solution.  Under Linux Mint my computer life has benefited greatly and I again like my computer. Linux Mint is here to stay.

If anybody reading this wants to talk about my experience with Linux Mint please feel free to reach out to me.  You can reach me at using the contact page at the bottom of or you can reach me at my company’s website