Upgrading Your Linux Mint Desktop Version 17.3 to 18

Linux Mint 18

Upgrading Linux Mint I have been using Linux, both the server and desktop versions, for a long time and recently upgraded my desktop versions (laptop).  Previously I had been running Mint 17.3 and was pretty happy with it.  At the time, it seemed to be a easy install.  I also don’t recall any errors or…

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Good writing doesn’t come to most of us naturally, but can easily be obtained using the right tools, habit, and a writing GPS.  In Anne’s Everybody Writes, she follows page by page and continues to trump the idea that writing should be a habit.  I for one am taking that advice and writing more now…

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Everybody Writes – Out Takes and Thoughts 1

writing fountain pen image

Quoted directly from Everybody Writes by Ann Handley’s book.  Available on Amazon “You’d think that great writers would have special inspiration or contrived stimuli to boost their output—not unlike poet, humorist, and educations Taylor Mali hilariously suggested in his deadpan response to a question about his favorite place to write: I’d love to say I…

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